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Yarid Hamizrach invites you to enjoy your time in this unique, appealing and pleasant Tel Aviv atmosphere. 


You can also come and enjoy Yarid Hamizrach without a specific goal, but it’s always a good idea to be familiar with the map of the Yarid Hamizrach complex and benefit from a few useful tips.


How to get there? - By car, by foot, by public transport and by bicycle.

Yarid Hamizrach was designed so as to separate traffic from pedestrians. You can walk around the complex at your own pace, comfortably and safely, with lots of space for baby carriages or children's bikes, and of course plenty of bags. Comfortable benches and seating areas are scattered throughout the fair.

The management and staff of Yarid Hamizrach adhere to a high standard of aesthetic appearance and cleanliness, and strive to maintain, cultivate and care for the site and its facilities.

Accessibility for people with disabilities

Information and Service Centers
Yarid Hamizrach Information: 03-6042459

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