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Alternative Hotels
In line with the global trend of combining hostels with hotels, at the best location in Tel Aviv - Yarid Hamizrach offers an accessible alternative to the expensive hotels.
Channel 20 | Morning World
Paris is Here: A Summer Love Affair with the Opera in the Tribune
From passersby to couples in love on a blanket – they all gather at Yarid Hamizrach to enjoy arias from the Phantom of the Opera, Faust and other classic operas in a series of performances by the Israeli Opera
City Mouse | 17.08.2014
Lights, sounds and currents: the fountain at Yarid Hamizrach
The heavy heat of the Israeli summer is a good reason to look for refreshing venues that are interesting and attractive. Introducing the fountain at the Yarid Hamizrach
ynet | 23.06.2014
Love at noon: Boom Pam take over Yarid Hamizrach
Yarid Hamizrach at the Tel Aviv Port is launching a series of winter performances for the general public. The program includes: Boom Pam, Shlomi Saranga and Avihu Pinchasov's rhythm club. Admission is free of charge.
City Mouse | 14.02.2014
Art for the Masses: the shop where you can purchase works of art
A specialized store in the Tel Aviv port, at an investment of about NIS 1 million, offers an opportunity to buy art just like any other design item for the house.
Globes | 27.11.2013
Samsung Marathon Tel Aviv 2014 - Do not forget to enjoy the route
The marathon runners will run along the northern beach promenade, which after the inauguration of the Reading Bridge created an uninterrupted promenade from Bat Yam in the south to Tel Baruch in the north, and will also pass through the Yarid Hamizrach complex. The garages and warehouses were replaced by buildings that are already in use, with some continuing to be used for commercial, entertainment and cultural purposes.
Shwang | 24.11.2013
The prestigious food academy - Bulthaup and Haim Cohen
The prestigious Bulthaup kitchens brand is opening a culinary academy in Tel Aviv. In addition to 150,000 NIS kitchens, Israeli chefs from Haim Cohen to Assaf Granit will also star.
Walla | 12.11.2013
Musical Succoth: A celebration at the Yarid Hamizrach
Yarid Hamizrach offers a sane alternative for Succoth: a two-day musical celebration for the whole family, with performances and activities by Tararam and Indy Yeled, who will host Hemi Rodner. Admission is free of charge.
City Mouse | 17.09.2013

"You know when you start this game, but you don’t know when you end it"
The game will be broadcast live from a studio we are currently erecting in Yarid Hamizrach in the Tel Aviv Port, and everyone is invited to come, try their luck and participate in the game.
Mako | 29.07.2013
The surfing revolution: The most beautiful amusement parks in Israel
About 80 years ago, long before Montana Ice Cream Parlor was the home of the Eskimo Limon films, Yarid Hamizrach in the old exhibition grounds was considered the biggest attraction in Tel Aviv. The Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality and the Atarim company have returned Yarid Hamizrach to its former glory as an attractive entertainment and recreation venue, with 9,000 square meters of the complexes, with 7 hectares reserved for three playgrounds.
Mako | 11.07.2013
Jazz, movies and circuses: Summer in the Tribune area
Quality jazz concerts or classic bourekas films? Yarid Hamizrach continues to surprise us with a variety of events for the entire family.
City Mouse | 08.07.2013
It’s back and it’s big: Yarid Hamizrach in Tel Aviv
Eighty years after its demise, the renovated Yarid Hamizrach was launched on Monday in Tel Aviv port - a 7-hectare recreation area offering a variety of brand stores, restaurants, playgrounds and an amphitheater. Returning to the former glory, the 2013 version.
Mako | 26.06.2013

Today: Avraham Tal and Carmi Shimron – free of charge
Yarid Hamizrach in Tel Aviv Port will hold festive opening events today and tomorrow. The feature show tonight is a concert by Avraham Tal, the successful singer-songwriter who recently released a new album.
ynet | 25.06.2013

Yudale returns to Montana ice cream
The Montana ice cream parlor became a popular entertainment spot for young people in Israel in the 1960s and 70s, and was immortalized in the popular Eskimo Limon film series. In honor of the opening of the renewed Yarid Hamizrach, Channel 2 produced a festive report in which actor Tzahi Noy - who played the role of Yudale in the film series - visited the site of the ice cream parlor. The actor could not contain himself, and wept with excitement.
Channel 2 | 18.06.2013

Channel 2 | 18.06.2013
A festive launch of the Yarid Hamizrach with a two-day Israeli Cultural Festival
Yarid Hamizrach at the Tel Aviv Port launches the open venue with two days of concerts and events honoring Israeli creativity. The program includes: Ivri Lider, the Vertigo Dance Company, Einat Saruf and many more. Admission is free of charge.

Summer events in the Tribune at Yarid Hamizrach
During the summer, the Rosh Hutzot company will produce musical events, a circus and performances in the renovated Yarid Hamizrach in Tel Aviv Port...
Promo Magazine | 04.06.2013

The Tribune heats up the Yarid Hamizrach in Tel Aviv Port
Alongside quality businesses and colorful amusement parks, Yarid Hamizrach offers a new and attractive cultural complex.
City Mouse | 02.06.2013

Starting Anew: Yarid Hamizrach returns to Tel Aviv Port
It’s time to return to the Tel Aviv Port, with the reopening of Yarid Hamizrach, an exhibition showcasing the White City, and a host of other activities that will soon open.
City Mouse | 23.05.2013

From garage to café: A glimpse at the new complex in Tel Aviv port
This month, the new Yarid Hamizrach opened within the port of Tel Aviv - 18,000 square meters of garages and warehouses were transformed into a huge commercial center with cafés, shops and renovated public buildings from the 1930s.
ynet | 09.05.2013

Say goodbye to the mall: How an industrial area is transformed into a recreation area
The real estate section of the economic site TheMarker surveys selected and leading projects in Israel, including the Yarid Hamizrach project by Atarim company.
TheMarker | 17.08.2012
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