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8:30 PM
Tel Aviv Port
  • שתף עמוד זה
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"Docaviv Music" in the Tel Aviv Port

The Atarim company, which is responsible for managing and developing the Tel Aviv coastal strip, is hosting the Docaviv Festival
for the 10th year, and will screen musical documentary films outdoors under the open skies, accompanied by deejaying from KZRadio (Radio Hakatzeh) before every screening.
From Monday to Wednesday, May 21-23, the gates will open at 7:00 PM and the film will begin at 8:30 PM in the Sand Box at the Tel Aviv Port.
Entry is free of charge to the general public on a first come, first served basis.

Atarim and the Tel Aviv Port invite the general public to a musical week from the movies as part of the Docaviv Music event – open-air screenings of selected musical documentary films from the Docaviv Festival, accompanied by selected deejays before every screening.
Monday, May 21, at 8:30 PM, "Faithfull"
Hosted by Tomer Kariv
Many films have been made about Marianne Faithfull, but none of them succeeded in creating such a profound, wise, and surprising portrait of her. Actress Sandrine Bonnaire, this time behind the camera, creates a personal-feminine dynamic with Faithfull that enables Bonnaire to present the singer from a different, delicate, and more accurate perspective. Faithfull has lived a tumultuous and difficult life. Bonnaire mined historical archives (the hits, the affair with Mick Jagger, the drugs, life on the street, and the comeback), but her sharp eye detects how already as a young woman, when she was a china doll with a crystalline voice, Faithfull was opinionated, rebellious and independent in her thinking, a characteristic that increased with every blow and callus, making her even more impressive on the stage 50 years later.
Directed by Sandrine Bonnaire, France 2017, 62 minutes, English, Hebrew subtitles