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18:00 in the northern deck



Tel Aviv Port
  • שתף עמוד זה
  • צור קשר

Israeli Kabbalat Shabbat in front of the sea in the Tel Aviv Port

Atarim Company, which operates the Tel Aviv Port, in partnership with Beit Tefilah Israeli are inviting the public to welcome the Shabbat in a musical, rhythmic atmosphere.

The Kabbalat Shabbat shall take place every Friday throughout July and August (beginning in 30.6) at 18:30 in the northern deck (next to the carousel).

Entrance is free for the public

For over a decade Beit Tefilah Israeli’s Israeli Kabbalat Shabbat in the Tel Aviv Port has been creating and defining what can today be called Tel Avivian Judaism. Every Friday the public is invited to take part in a unique event which integrates traditional prayer, Hebrew poetry and song, music and dancing, facing the sea at sunset.

The Tel Aviv Port Kabbalat Shabbat creates a communal language in public space, and connects Israelis of diverse background to a spiritual, accepting and creative experience that everyone can relate to. Each week hundreds of people take part in the event: youth, families with children as well as Jews from all across the world who come to visit Israel and find a way to connect to Israel through the Jewish language of Beit Tefilah Israeli. All of them come together for an hour of alternative prayer, music and joy, which integrate between Jewish tradition and new Israeli creation.

The Tel Aviv Port is Israel’s leading entertainment and recreational site, offering a diversity of entertainment, leisure, cultural, music, shopping, dining and artistic venues.

Beit Tefilah Israeli is one of Israel’s leading organizations promoting Jewish renewal, nurturing community living, learning, social activity, celebrating life’s rituals, holidays and Shabbat in the public sphere. It is a home for accessible, equal, diverse and creative Judaism, which combines contemporary Israeli culture and Jewish tradition.