Biergarten 1040

Business Profile:

Biergarten 1040 is an authentic Bavarian beer garden serving the Weinstein beer brand that was opened for the October Fest located outdoors, in the heart of the green spaces of the Tel Aviv Port.

1040 is located in building 16 near the northern entrance to the port, next to the locks bridge. The combination of grassy expanses, pleasant sea breeze and authentic design and the fascinating range of Weihenstephaner brand varieties create a unique experience of excellent beer that is poured throughout the day and served on long tables that produce a sense of belonging - The joy of togetherness of beer lovers, just like in beer gardens around the world.

Beer menu:
At 1040 you can join us for an excellent beer and traditional Bavarian food, and you can also take them away from our special kiosk.
For the benefit of athletes, drivers and families with children, you can also buy excellent wheat beer without alcohol.

Brief background of the owners:

  • Robert Segal, 57, immigrated to Israel from Ireland 36 years ago.
  • Roni Levy, 56, immigrated to Israel from Sweden 35 years ago.
  • Avi Rapaport, 39, immigrated to Israel from the United States 20 years ago.

This unique group came to our tiny country from all corners of the globe, and sixteen years ago opened the first Irish pub in Israel - Molly Blooms. Since then, they have opened three more businesses, with the Biergarten being their latest project. They are Guinness brand ambassadors and among the founders of pub culture in Israel.

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday, 17:00 until the last customer.
From 12:00 until the last customer.

Yarid Hamizrach in Tel Aviv Port
  • שתף עמוד זה
  • צור קשר
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