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Reebok Israel was established in 2013 with the goal set by Adidas AG of re-introducing the brand back into the Israeli market. The office in Israel provides services to 220 wholesalers. Reebok plans to open a Reebok FitHub chain of stores in Israel, with most of the stores incorporating CrossFit Box.

Reebok company designs, manufactures and markets footwear and sports and fitness clothing. Reebok has exclusive collaboration with CrossFit, the world's fastest growing fitness brand. This is a training method that originated in the US, and is currently one of the most popular training methods in the world of physical fitness. The method is functional and varied, and can improve most components of physical fitness, such as cardiopulmonary endurance, muscle endurance, strength, explosive power, flexibility, agility, speed, coordination and balance.

Reebok has exclusive sponsorship agreements with other international brands, including UFC, Les mills, and Spartan Race.

In Israel, the company is opening a chain of concept stores with adjacent training facilities. The first store at Yarid Hamizrach will offer a wide range of footwear and clothing for various sports, with an emphasis on unique and technologically advanced women's fashions. The fitness centers will focus mainly on sports that Reebok is associated with, such as CrossFit training (exercises based on Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics and instruments combined with aerobic work, including short and long runs, rope jumping, etc.), Pilates, Yoga and more.

Reebok invites you to take part in sports lessons that are open to the public that are held on the first Friday of every month.
We believe that adopting an active and challenging lifestyle leads to positive changes on three levels - physical, mental and social. Therefore, we invite you to join us and take part in a variety of classes, from different worlds such as Yoga, Pilates, TRX, Crossfit, Kickboxing and more.

The activity is free and advanced registration is required.
The event is held on the lawn across from the Reebok store at Pavilion 19, Yarid Hamizrach in Tel Aviv port.

Pavilion 19, Yarid Hamizrach in Tel Aviv port.
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