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Café Nimrod is a Galilee style restaurant bar with an enchanting ambiance, where you will instantly feel the green atmosphere, sounds of wind chimes that gently caress the ear, Israeli music and classic rock that play alternately in the background and blend in perfect harmony with the blue sea seen from the pier.

When it gets a bit cooler by the sea, the waiters are quick to offer the guests colorful and warm shawls for their comfort. The menu is varied, and the breads, jams and desserts are prepared in house by our chef. The pride of Café Nimrod is its Galilee breakfasts, which are a real treat, and unlike most restaurants in Israel - are served throughout the day. Cafe Nimrod was founded in May 2007 by the mentalist and singer Ehud Segev and the restaurateur David Eyal, both of them from the village of Rosh Pina. It is named after Nimrod Segev, Ehud’s only brother and childhood friend of David, who was killed on August 9, 2006, during the Second Lebanon War. Nimrod loved Rosh Pina, where he spent his childhood, and when he moved to the center of the country, he frequently came to Tel Aviv port on Saturdays, with his wife and small son, an area he particularly loved, and this was the inspiration for commemorating Nimrod, by bringing Rosh Pina to the port.

Tel: 077-2133007

Fax: 054-4772995

Opening hours: until last customer from 8 am

Hangar 8
  • שתף עמוד זה
  • צור קשר
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