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Talkhouse at Yarid Hamizrach in Tel Aviv Port is the new center of the TALK scene, the first of its kind in Israel, a platform for everything that is interesting, that is not ashamed to be smart and to whet your appetite, and not only for great food, but also for knowledge, curiosity and intellectual stimulation.

Talkhouse opens a new world of cultural entertainment, combining a rich program of lectures in various formats (series, short TED style lectures, interviews, conferences, festivals, readings, etc.) with a high-quality restaurant and bar.
The initiative was as a response to the amazing development of the Talk culture, which includes TED, PechaKucha, Think and Drink, Science on the Bar, Cathedra, Askolot and more.
The club is designed for about 150 people, seated around tables and a bar with a Talk stage that is equipped with a sound system and lighting for lectures, and a kitchen offering a cool menu of tasty and light dishes. The food and the menu will be prepared by the talented chefs Yahaloma Levi and Einav Berman, who recently joined the Rokach 73 restaurant and Yahaloma at the Port.
In addition to the content events, a Bar-Restaurant is open every evening on the outdoor deck, managed by Gal Shor, owner of the Ilka Bar. After the lecture, the audience is invited to continue to enjoy themselves. The site offers content and enrichment events for organizations and businesses in the morning and afternoon hours.
The venue is the initiative of Geshem Communications company, headed by Ilan De Vries and Ayelet Harel, two senior television and content personalities with more than thirty years in the industry. Talkhouse was designed by Nir Ran; Branding and Graphics: Yonatan Kubari.
We invite you and your brain to go out - get there early, relax at the bar or around one of the tables, have a nice drink, eat a bite and open up your head.

Order tickets using the go show website.
Phone for reservations: 03-6133556
Yarid Hamizrach, Tel Aviv Port
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