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Pedal to the fair

Planners of the renewed Yarid Hamizrach are well aware of the bicycle culture that has recently captured the hearts of Tel Aviv residents, and the hearts of the city's many tourists and visitors. Use of bicycles in Tel Aviv-Jaffa is now comparable to Europe’s large cities, and of course contributes to the quality of the environment and the quality of life of the residents.

There are close to 70 kilometers of designated bicycle paths in Tel Aviv, some inside the city and on sidewalks, and some outside the city center, neighborhoods and parks.
The route through Yarid Hamizrach was designed to suit cyclists, and it connects seamlessly with the bike trails leading to it from the Yarkon area, as well as other city streets.

Tel-Aviv's popular bicycle rental service – Tel-O-Fun is ready and waiting for visitors, enabling people to rent a bicycle and bike through it in the area with maximum comfort and pleasure.
Many parking spaces have also been allocated for people coming to the Yarid on bikes, and wish to walk around the complex.
Because culture is also about 'how' and not just 'what'.

Close to Yarid Hamizrach are 4 Tel-O-Fun stations: [301] [302] [303] [304] [382]
Map of the stations of Tel-O-Fun stations
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