Yarid Hamizrach’s location is ideal; a unique corner of the city that can be reached even on foot, with a distinctive tradition of sea & river atmosphere combined with an urban and traditional atmosphere. It is a very convenient location to visit from within and outside the city.

Main Entrance - Palomar Square at the end of Dizengoff Street.
From the north – From Netivei Ayalon, take the West Rokach exit, drive alongn Rokach Boulevard until you reach Palomar Square and turn right into the Yarid. Parking lots for visitors are scattered throughout the area.
To reach the northern part of the Yarid Hamizrach, continue along the main traffic artery until you reach the entrance to the parking lot.
Southern entrance - Yordei Hasira street. When coming from Rokach Boulevard, turn right on Yordei Hasira Street.

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By car
The main entrance to Yarid Hamizrach is at the junction between Hataarucha Street (later Rokach Boulevard to the east and Hayarkon street to the west) and the end of Dizengoff Street - Palomar Square.
Inside the Yarid you’ll find regular parking lots. There are also parking lots nearby with convenient footpaths into the Yarid.
Access Map - Google Maps
Map of Yarid Hamizrach

Bus lines:
Dan: [9] [12]
Kavim: [137]
Egged: [174]

4 Tel-Ofan stations are located near Yarid Hamizrach, stations: [301] [302] [303] [304] [382]
Map of Tel-Ofan stations

Access to Yarid Hamizrach for people with disabilities
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